ATTENTION: Arsenal MKG Users
We Have Released A BRAND NEW Leads System!
Here's What To Do Next:
Step 1 - Create Your Account To The New Leads System Here.
Step 2 - Contact: To Cancel Future Payments With Arsenal MKG
Step 3 - Start Generating Leads From Google, Facebook, Instagram, Your Website & More With Our New Leads System! :)
How Is This New Software Different?
This new software streamlines all of your online lead generation. It will assist you with your lead generation on Google, Facebook, Your Website, Instagram, And More! We have tools for both organic & paid lead generation. 

You'll still have the ability to auto follow up with your leads. We have pre-built follow up templates to follow up via email, SMS, voicemail drops, Facebook messenger, and Google Business Chat. 
Why Do I Have To Enter My Payment Details Again On The New Leads System?
This is a brand new software platform we've built out for you. In order to create your new account you will need to add your billing details. Email and our team will make sure you're not double billed and that all monthly subscriptions are cancelled with Arsenal MKG.
More Questions?